The measure of success

At the end of the day and as I open the eyes to see my first rays of sun, I wonder how do I measure success for today ?!

What is the measure of success for today?

Is it the amount of the money I earn?

Or is it the time I spend doing the work I really like?

Is it the count of bills I pay off?

Or is it the count of smiles, I am also a reason for?!

Is it number of hours I spend watching my favourite show?

Or is it the number of calories I burn doing cardio?

Is it the time I spend taking care of myself ,being true to my needs and instincts?

Or is it with how much patience I take care of my people?
Is it instantly apologizing and getting back together with friends and family?

Or is it taking time to find a permanent solution to the root cause that is making me this frequently hurt my loved ones, the ones who so self-lessly do things for me,,those, whose care and love never seizes to amaze me!

I guess, just as life, success is not black or white and every colour is important in the balance, so that theres no getting bored!

Hmmm,,so, is success the measure of shades we customize to make our own colourful rainbow on which we can enjoy this ride of life with all its ups, downs and plateaus??!


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