Travel diaries-Beijing(1)-Forbidden city, China


It’s said that this ramp is carved out of a single stone!
In front of the palace

6 thoughts on “Travel diaries-Beijing(1)-Forbidden city, China

  1. Nice. Love the vibrant colors!
    I went there too with my husband, we visited twice, we liked it so much but both times it was kind of foggy.
    Do you have more pictures to share?

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    1. Thank you so much! The weather was, around -1 centigrade, cool but clear. And yaa, its a great place to visit, rich culture and interesting stuff.
      For sure, I will dig up and see if I have other nice pics.

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      1. I’d love to see more pictures. When we went we got rained out 95% of our 2 weeks. I still managed to get nice pictures though (wrote about it too).
        We did miss out on the great wall of China though. Too much fog. Bummer.

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      2. Hey just saw the pics,, awesome! nice blog and great pics! Sorry that you missed out on the great wall. I will try to find some more glimpses of great wall and other spots in Beijing. I am happy to follow your blog too.🙂

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