How I wish to ‘translate’ better! (for daily post Word prompt)

Just when I was thinking about a situation where I could’ve expressed my emotions in a more presentable way, I see this prompt and here I am!

One of the many definitions of the word ‘Translate’ is ‘To express in a way more understandable’.

There were situations where I thought, thought and just thought about what someone was thinking instead of just asking them. There were times I was frustrated about why don’t others listen and understand better?! I remember being sad sometimes, when even good friends of mine did not get it!

Thank you time, that after a long hustle, I finally realised that just as ‘I’ am ‘me, my thoughts and actions’, my friend is his/her own person. Understanding me is not a skill that my loved ones should possess, its an ongoing process about which we both can choose to care and contribute together. And hey! I myself am not an expert in realizing and conveying to others, what my mind speaks, also perceiving what others show. But I’d love to do it well!  I do act out when I can’t and if not careful, it may send out a wrong signal and misunderstandings may occur. Hoping to get better, here’s an amateur translator, signing off!



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