Funky field Friday(2)-Dancible paper sculptures!-By Li Hongbo.

Are you that kind of person who likes sculptures? Do you remember that school project you made out of paper? Do you recall filling up the classrooms with all kinds of charts and stuff. Have you felt pride when your drawings were displayed on the walls at grandma’s place and on school notice boards? Did you ever make a card for your loved ones and threw them a party with ribbons, flowers and other decorations made out of paper? I am sure many of you must have done at least one, I myself did!

Li Hongbo, an artist from China, went ahead and made a bundle of paper come alive! With great passion and precision, he designs flexible paper sculptures, which until proven otherwise, did not seem flexible to me. Do check out these pictures and links. Li Hongbo and his works are gaining popularity all over the world. Thanks for stopping by guys. Have a good weekend!



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