Travel diaries-Temples(3)-Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, India: A divine love story

Lord Shiva- ‘The Destroyer/Transformer’ is one of the gods of Hindu Trinity.(Statue from Madhya Pradesh, India)
Devi Parvati- ‘The goddess of love, devotion and fertility-one of the goddesses of Hindu Trinity (also the mother goddess of Hinduism).(From a temple in South India)

Hi guys , Happy Valentine’s day! Thanks for stopping by. On this special day I wanted to mention a love story that I got to know. Love doesn’t have a perfect definition I feel, that’s the beauty-we get to define and live it in our own way!! Let us see one such glimpse of love being lived well.

For me, this is the story of Shiva, an embodiment of simplicity, equality, justice and Parvati, a princess full of beauty, grace and care; love being the common factor for both of these extremely powerful forces who complement each other very well.

Through ages, each one waited, both knowingly and unknowingly, for the other. They prayed, lived in different forms and suffered so much, but always kept their love alive while trying to be better for themselves, each other and the whole world. Though they have had great individual identities, they felt incomplete without each other, as if searching for their own missing piece. Finally when they came together, they united in a way never seen before. ‘My better half’, they said to each other and become one-Ardhanarishvara (Parvati being the left half of Shiva).



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