My ode to love! (Daily post WP- ode to someone or something you love)

Oh sweet love, how I wonder!

You come in so many different sizes, shapes, colours and forms!
You are that true care given to the other from the bottom of the heart-
Expecting only their well being and honest company in return,
You are that support me and my loved ones give to me, always, even when a tide of time breaks my heart,
Little moments filled with you are those joyful memories that never leave me  lonely!


Oh sweet love, thank you!

For teaching me that you are delivered in many packages, often ignored or not well received!
For showing me that, even with all the love in the world at my doorstep, I can’t be satisfied,
I can’t do good, if I am not open to you and don’t let you in,
And then, I know, if it is so, neither me, nor those around me will be happy,
Thanks for teaching me that the most important kind of love is the Love within me!!


Happy Valentine’s day guys!! Thanks for stopping by. Hope we all keep finding lots and lots of love and happiness-both inside us and from all around us. Enjoy the rest of your week!




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