My own peaceful getaway space! (Daily post 365 days WP-3rd Feb 2017-writing room wish, fulfilled by a genie)

Its a very spacious room with white marble floor, well-lit, even at night, by the lights on the ceiling. I just finished some house-hold chores, had breakfast and am walking towards my getaway.

On the right corner of the room, is the door. I am being welcomed by lovely faces of Pink Gerberas. They are smiling through green leaves, from the earthen pot few steps away from the entrance, adjacent to the left wall. Beyond the pot, the room widens as the wall takes a sharp turn towards left. I stop by, say hello to the smiles with a petal-hand shake, sometimes even a kiss, as they make me feel loved when I am a little off!

When I walk further in, on my right, is my soft beige sofa with nice brown coloured cushions with brown and golden flowery design on it. Above it, at a distance, is a black vinyl wall clock resembling a girl’s face seen from the left side, having a light blue dial in her hair. She also has a little butterfly clip too. The square glass table on beige fluffy carpet is just in front of the sofa. On the left side, i.e. opposite to sofa, is a light brown coloured wooden table with six chairs-2 each on the sides and 1 each near the corners. It has a black pen holder with fine carvings on it and little spaces left in between to see if any naughty little item is trying to escape from me. I have this table to use mainly when my thinker friends come in. I am glad I still have a lot a space left in between the furniture, it doesn’t feel congested.

I forget yesterday’s newspaper on the sofa. I pick it up, also switch on the music system just a little away from the end of the sofa, then I go to the opposite side of the room where I have my brown book world, large 4-door,4-shelf wooden cabinet where newspapers/ magazines/monthly journals go to fourth one. I take out, from the second shelf, the book that I am currently reading and keep it on my brown wooden writing table by the window. I playfully swing around with my hand, the black comfy rotating chair and then come to my huge glass window!

Its 10:00 AM now, Sunny Saturday morning and lot of natural light coming in! So I open the window and let in the fresh air too. As I do that, that pretty life on the inside of the window, just a little away from the study table becomes more alive. My jasmine plant sprays more perfume! What a beautiful daay!

I couldn’t stop myself from going out into the garden, there’s a sliding glass door beside the study table, at the left corner of the room. I went out and watched the sparkling water in the stone pond and then lied down on my wood-pallet swing, looking at the clear sky, natural greens and colours all around me! I truly experienced the joy in the arms of Mother Nature! Felt that fresh breeze gently caressing my face and the music of wind-chime dancing with the wind!





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