Funky field Friday (1)-Santa Clarita Diet (Netflix Original Series)

Hi Guys! Do you want to sit back and watch something new, and different on TV? Then you have the story of Sheila (Drew Barrymore) and Joel(Timothy Olyphant-‘Justified’ series fame), also a virtual tour of the Zombie-comedy life style of theirs!

I was actually watching some movie trailers on you tube when I came across an add. A pretty lady dressed in red, having a red drink and it said ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ on the top left corner of the video. I had to see what was that about and started browsing. That’s when I saw the trailer and then watched the first episode. I also read somewhere that the show inspired her to lose 20 pounds and to develop a more positive and confident outlook towards life.

Though I will say I am not a big fan of the wierd stuff that came about twice in the show, I did enjoy most part of it and you would be surprised by the cast of some characters, even the guest ones. Hey, it is supposed to be a horror-comedy and I wanted to try out some variety fun stuff with a different concept today.

I have just shared the view as per my perception. So if you haven’t already but feel like it, here’s the link for the trailer and the show is available for free for a month on Netflix (U.S., Canada). Have a happy weekend guys!!


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