Wishing for a clean balance and attitude in life (Daily word prompt-‘Clean’)

When I sit back and think about the word clean, I feel that, for me, clean signifies a good balance with self and surroundings.

I might have a long way to go, but never want to stop trying to start and go through my day with a peaceful mind, clean and clear about what I want to do today, also contributing to a healthy environment.

I want to talk to my friends and meet new people with a neutral mindset-no preconceptions or judgements when I talk to them. That is because every individual is unique and I don’t live their lives, they do! So, though I have to watch out for myself and should take the responsibility of whom I choose to be with, I want to respect people and things in my life, to the extent I can, as we have to learn and co-exist well. Being clean is not being perfect or flawless, but having a fine sense of harmony and I guess nature too, teaches us that.

Thanks guys for stopping by. I’d love to hear your feed-back. Here’s wishing all of us, the strength of positive thoughts and true smiles! Take care and ciao for now.


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