Scent of happy togetherness! (Daily post WP-31st Jan 2017)

Time may pass by and life may change,

Far from loved ones, we might’ve to land,

Stuff, we will let go and pain will fade,

But when the dark, sorrows or loneliness strike,

Bring into me, the true wishes, and let the happy scents thrive,

Stay with me, oh fragrant strength, while above the stench, I rise!

 Whenever I am lost, I feel the supportive scent (memories and good wishes that give positivity)  in the breeze whenever I think about the things that make me happy and my loved ones-family and friends who truly care for me. For me, the way someone really close smells and how the air was then, each is a memory in itself and I do go back to those good times if I get a hint of something similar. That can bring instant smile to my face! I am sure at least some of you can relate.

Thanks for the visit guys. Hope you enjoyed the stay. Here’s wishing all of us, positive thoughts and true smiles. Take care and ciao for now.



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