I was my mom’s shadow for a day!

” Its a Monday morning today, I slowly and silently started to go around with my mom as her shadow. It was almost impossible for me to wake up so soon, because I wasn’t used to.. Actually, I never had to get up before mom got everything set, but today I had to, because I have decided to be an imaginary shadow of my mom. She is out of bed little too early because the house help lady hadn’t come during the weekend and mom had to work on Saturday as well. So, she needs to finish some left over chores before starting the day.

She got up, drank some water, finished the household work which took about one and a half hours, then is taking a short break. She is feeling uncomfortable and is massaging her forehead with her fingertips. She must be having a headache as she has always been a light sleeper and even woke up for a while to make sure dad was comfortable when he got home from night shift during the early hours. She must have had a disturbed sleep. She is sitting on the steps leading to back yard and having tea and cookies while smiling at the sky as if she is welcoming the sun. It has been just 10 minutes, she turns back and looks at the clock in the kitchen, then quickly finishes her cup and starts cooking. She first packed lunch for me and my bro and started making breakfast, arranged everything neatly and cleaned the kitchen counter, then the vessels.

Hmm, she grabbed a quick bite and she is all ready for work now, that was fast! Here she comes to wake us up, but she doesn’t know that part of me is already awake with her! We kids wake up after a lot of fuss, I wonder why she is not angry with us?! In no time, she gets us ready and here we are, waiting for the school bus. Mom waves us good bye after she makes sure we aren’t forgetting anything. Hey, its getting late for her, she teaches for undergrad students and is rushing there now.

I am here with my mom where she teaches and its almost evening now. Phew! its been a very busy day!, mom had to stand and talk all day, had only a short lunch because she is working on some thesis. I could feel that she is thinking about us, wondering how we were doing at school and hoping we finish our lunch and reach home safe.

Mom is home while we kids are waiting for her to get back and prepare something delicious for us to eat (though dad gave us some good snacks and milk after we came home from school). I agree mom got a nice hug once she was back but why are they bugging her-‘I want this, I want that!, Mom, what did you do today? I did that at school, I did this at school and all!’  Can’t you see she is tired, let her catch her breath, let her relax for a while! So irritating for me, how can mom be happy about it?!’ Oops, sorry, I am a part of that annoying team of 2! Finally, she finally lies down to rest after helping us with homework, putting us to bed and cleaning up the mess we made.”

“Hey mom its exhausting for me, even for a day to be your shadow and just look at how hard you work on a typical day. I can’t even imagine when one or both or three of us are sick and when you are feeling under the weather!  I am so glad that dad is supportive even though he has odd work timings sometimes. I am soo proud of you and wish I get at least one third of your patience! Sorry mom for troubling you and thanks for always loving us, no matter what! Love you!”

for (http://thinkwritten.com/365-creative-writing-prompts/)

I wrote this post imagining being a shadow of my mom, going back to the time when I was in school. Thanks for the visit guys. Here’s wishing all of us the strength of true smiles and positive thoughts! Take care and ciao for now.



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