My take on the Mignonette case (Daily post WP-23/365)

Topic-“Shipwrecked. Read the story of Richard Parker and Tom Dudley. Is what Dudley did defensible? What would you have done?” ((

My Response-                               To judge is easy but to empathize is difficult and then, not defending ourselves is even harder if we face the situation and act different than expected. This prompt is regarding Dudley and others involved in shipwreck (Mignonette -1884) starving for weeks and resorting to cannibalism, even killing a person in coma and underwent trial later. I feel that it is difficult to predict how one will act in an unimaginable and unfortunate crisis like this one. I can only speak according to the best of my knowledge of self and my experiences.

According to me each individual case is unique and can’t be bound to generalizations. But because it is a prompt, in regard to this particular case, even though I don’t know how sick the victim was,  I feel that Dudley should not have taken the call and decided on life and death of another person, someone so harmless, helpless and probably fighting for his own life with hope. I pray that no one must face such situations, nor have to take such decisions. If I were shipwrecked, I couldn’t have done that.

Thanks for stopping by guys. Do let me know your take on the case. More details of it are on the page:

Here’s wishing all of us the strength of true smiles and positive thoughts. Take care and ciao for now.






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