Me and the pine tree (Daily post WP-22/365)

Through the brights and the rains,
Through the breezes and the dark freezes,
Even through the storms and the wild flames,
You are not just that but more as the journey goes,

You do breathe in my bad air,
You help in flowery smiles and fondness in gifts I prepare,
Good that I can pack well and move stuff here and there,
Yum! I enjoyed the pesto at that fare and hey, I heard you give to health care!

Here I am, with your courage, amazed and how rare it is!
Whats your secret for that, whisper please,
Thanks for the stays, I get it, doesn’t come with ease,
See me through with your bliss, for evergreen it is!

I see a conifer and think about asking it to share with me its perseverance, long standing passion and resilience. 365 days of writing prompts for today isI got skills- If you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill in the world, which skill would you pick? I have selected pine to represent the skill I would love to master which is GRIT, a personality trait which I feel embodifies realizing the ideals we lovingly set for ourselves by having consistent motivation and less need for immediate gratification amongst others.

Here I have made an attempt using a metaphor, to present the features of grit and also characteristics of pine and other conifers. A pine sure knows where and how it wants to grow and what to do to have that self control. It has several coping mechanisms, it does adapt and also teams up well with its environment. To top it up it is very useful and inspiring too! Some uses like production of packaging/Kraft paper, certain types of food and also the potential medicinal uses being researched. Similarly developing grit does take a lot of effort and support but the outcome will be adding more meaning and success to life!

Thanks for the visit guys. I hope you enjoyed the stay. I am eager to know if you have to say anything. Here’s wishing all of us the strength of true smiles and positive thoughts! Take care and ciao for now.



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