That time when I liked faking my own death! (dream)



Hmmm,,sounds wierd , I know. But I am talking about a day I remember waking up thinking why did I have to do that? Actually I was a little concerned about the nature of the dream and enthusiastically started looking for answers, both online and through friends.

Surprisingly what I got to know made me glad. I was going through a huge transition in my life then and when I grasped faking our own death but having a good motive and feeling not so bad about it in a dream might signify that one is accepting and taking control of the change that is happening in their life.

I am not here to support or deny the scientific and practical basis of dreams. What I truly feel is that the tearing pain we experience when something big and unexpected happens without our control can be the sheering away of an old part of ourselves in the process of renovation into a stronger, prettier, happier, healthier and more modern interior, as said in similar/different words many times in many books and quotes. I understand that going through is easier said than done. But life is usually never super easy to anyone and it helps to keep that perspective in mind.

Finally I want to say, it is nice to virtually feel that reflection of encouragement from the subconscious too. We are the only ones irreplaceable in our life and we are the only ones to stand by ourselves-24/7, all life long. There are many useful undiscovered/unappreciated layers, there is a whole lot of mystery inside us too. Lets never stop living our lives, loving and being there for ourselves along with truly caring for loved ones.

Thanks for your patience guys. Do lemme know if you have anything you want to share/ add to this, may be a dream or stuff you did for yourself that felt good or anything you want to. I am eager to know your thoughts. Here’s wishing all of us the strength of true smiles and positive thoughts! Take care and ciao for now.



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