That perfume of rain..(Daily post WP-21/365)


 That peace n joy spreading mother earth’s perfume of rain!:-)

Do you remember the last time that you let go of all other thoughts and worries and just permitted yourself to indulge in the pleasures that mother nature bestows upon us every single day? Do you sometimes have the desire to be able to receive the simple inexpensive yet highly valuable gifts around you, but then get pulled away by that busy mind and life of yours?

Well, if you ask me, I sure do! I do that brooding over more and acting on relaxing and rejuvenating myself less. Its safe to even say that I did take up those immature defenses like acting up or going into the cocoon of my blanket and by staring into the screen, straining eyes on an already strained brain with no positive outcome. Thankfully, I have started experiencing the soothing goodness of environmental green and colours again, since a few days now, after having forgotten about it for a while. Lucky for me, the 365 days of writing prompts topic for 18th Jan was a nice trigger for me to start writing. I know I am late in posting, but wanted to, actually had to do it anyway. For those of you who don’t know, it was to write with the title using the first words that came to mind when I thought about home, soil and rain. So, now I would like to reminisce and share something.

As soon as I was done reading the prompt, I saw happy rain memories rewind. I went back too, to that school holiday evening when I was at my grand parents’ home. It has a beautiful view with the fresh scent of well grown Neem and other trees, variety of flowers, Jasmine being my favourite of them. Typical summer evening, plucking the flowers and bringing it to my grandma for them to be made into a garland and then wearing it around my pig-tail with such pride! I know girly stuff but pure joy for sure. One such evening, being the nature lover that I am, I went on to the terrace and decided to have a calm friendly chat with mother nature. I sat down reaching with my hand, a step of the stairs made of stone while my eyes already started to say hi to the pretty sky with the clouds perfectly arranged for the scene. As I started to grasp what might happen soon, I synced myself with a hopeful little curve around my lips and eyes, for now I could feel it in the breeze too, that fun drops are gonna pour down for me! I almost patiently sat there with my left hand under the chin and holding the right fist, head tilted to my left and waiting, waiting, and there it was! making me a bundle of joy each time it sprinkled on me and creating the unique perfume when it touched the soil!! Aand you can imagine what I did next,, yes I played in the rain that day to my heart’s content and dragged my neighbour friend and dad too! Oh,,such good times. I did have many good rain moments after that but this one somehow came to me the earliest.

Thanks guys for your patience and I hope at least some of you enjoyed this. I really feel we need to take out time to dive into the bliss of sweet small moments of life with ourselves and our loved ones. Lets make more healthy, honest and happy memories. Here’s wishing all of us the strength of true smiles and positive thoughts till the next time! Take care and ciao for now.


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